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Wireless Remote Electric Shock Chastity Cage Set

Wireless Remote Electric Shock Chastity Cage Set


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Our electrifying new chastity lock is sure to SHOCK you!

Rubber cage body with 9 adjustable electric shock frequencies and three sizes of rings: 45MM, 50MM, & 55MM.

It's lightweight (50 grams!) and comfortable enough to wear all day - and remotely with the included key box. Cause him to tremble with fear -from anywhere!

Products include:

1* box, 3* ring, 1* silicone pad, 1* horse eye rod, 1* remote control, 1* copper lock, 2* keys, 1* charging cable, 1* instruction manual.

Note: the remote control is highly hidden, the remote control distance is about 8 meters.

Operating instructions:

1. Press and hold the host switch for 2 seconds to switch on and off the host power switch and enter the standby state

2. Click again to enter shock mode 1, and tap switching frequency, there are 9 frequencies in total.

3. Press and hold for 2 seconds to power off

Remote control operation instructions:

1. When the host is on, it is automatically standby. Press the side shock switch to switch the shock frequency. There are 9 frequency modes in total

2. Hold down the power for 2 seconds to shut down the host. (If you need to remotely operate again, please manually turn on the host power to shut down)

The QIUI key box can be used with the cage

1. People with implanted electronic assistive devices (such as direct cardiac pacemakers, electronic lungs, etc.) related to the body are strictly prohibited. Heart disease and neurasthenia patients are strictly prohibited to use. The company will not be responsible for any harm to their health if they do not listen to the advice.
2. Prohibit the use of electric shock function in the shower, swimming, in the liquid environment, the electric shock strength will be enhanced, easy to cause personal injury.
3. Prohibit the use of this product in illegal acts and activities.
4. Non-professionals, disassembly of this product is prohibited; in the cleaning, please turn off the electric shock function.

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