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3D Printed Rattlesnake Cobra Chastity Cage Set

3D Printed Rattlesnake Cobra Chastity Cage Set


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Unleash the power of desire with our 3D Printed Rattlesnake Cobra Chastity Cage Set, a sleek and tantalizing addition to your intimate collection. Crafted for those who seek the perfect blend of style, comfort, and restriction, this chastity cage is not just an accessory; it's an experience.

Chastity Cage Style: Indulge in the captivating allure of the Cobra Chastity Cage, a unique design that combines aesthetic finesse with functional pleasure. 3D printed for precision and comfort, this cage is a masterpiece of erotic artistry. The innovative Rattlesnake pattern adds an extra layer of intrigue, making it a conversation starter and a visual delight.

Material: Forged from premium ABS, our Cobra Chastity Cage guarantees durability and body-friendly comfort. The material is not only skin-safe but also offers a satisfying weight that enhances the sensory experience. Embrace the confidence that comes with knowing you're adorned in the finest quality.

Color: Evoke mystery and desire with the timeless appeal of black. The Cobra Chastity Cage, in its bold ebony hue, adds an element of sophistication to your intimate moments. This discreet color choice ensures that your exploration remains your little secret.

Accessory Options: Customize your experience with the Adjustable PU Belt and Butt Plug, included in this set. The PU Belt ensures a secure fit, allowing you to comfortably wear the cage for extended periods. Meanwhile, the Butt Plug option adds an extra layer of pleasure, turning restraint into a full-bodied experience.


Specifications Details
Chastity Cage Style Cobra Chastity Cage
3D Printing Precision and Comfort
Urethral Chastity Cage Yes
Color Black
Material Premium ABS
Accessory Options Adjustable PU Belt, Butt Plug


Experience the art of anticipation with our 3D Printed Rattlesnake Cobra Chastity Cage Set – where style meets desire, and restraint becomes an exquisite journey. Elevate your intimate escapades and make a statement that goes beyond words. Unleash the Cobra and embrace the power of passion like never before.

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