Why I Wanted My Boyfriend to Wear a Chastity Cage

As a girlfriend, I never thought I would ask my boyfriend to wear a chastity cage. But after learning more about it, I realized it could actually improve our relationship. Here are a few reasons why I wanted my boyfriend to wear one, and how it has worked out for us.

Wrapped Flat Chastity Cage with Metal Urethral Catheter and PU Belt - KeepMeLocked

Wrapped Flat Chastity Cage with Metal Urethral Catheter and PU Belt


1. Building Trust

One of the main reasons I wanted my boyfriend to wear a chastity cage was to build trust between us. By giving me control over his pleasure, it showed that he trusted me completely. It also helped me trust him more because I knew he was committed to our relationship.

2. Improving Communication

Wearing a chastity cage requires a lot of communication. We had to talk about boundaries, comfort levels, and how we both felt about the experience. This open dialogue improved our overall communication and made us closer as a couple.

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3. Enhancing Intimacy

The anticipation and buildup of finally being together after a period of chastity made our intimate moments more special. It added excitement and a new level of intimacy to our relationship that we hadn't experienced before.

4. Strengthening Commitment

Having my boyfriend wear a chastity cage showed his commitment to me and our relationship. It was a constant reminder of his dedication, which made me feel more valued and appreciated.

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5. Keeping Things Fun

Introducing a chastity cage was a fun way to spice up our relationship. It added a playful element to our dynamic and kept things interesting. We enjoyed exploring this new aspect of our relationship together.

Trying a chastity cage has been a positive experience for us. It brought us closer, improved our communication, and added a new level of excitement to our relationship. If you're curious, it might be worth giving it a try!
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