How to Punish Your Sub with a Chastity Cage?

You've been in a D/s relationship and things are going great. But what happens when your sub misbehaves and you need to dole out some punishment? Don't worry, we've got you covered with some creative and fun ideas to keep your BDSM relationship exciting and fulfilling.

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Flat Chastity Cage with Removable Metal Catheter and Strap


1. Give a Punishment Reason To Your Sub

First things first, when it comes to disciplining your sub, always ensure there's a clear reason behind it. Maybe your sub broke a rule, was disobedient, or simply needs a reminder of who's in charge. Whatever the case, effective punishment should have a purpose beyond just inflicting pain or discomfort.


2. Your Sub's Punishment Should Match the Offense

Just like in any fair justice system, the punishment needs to match the offense. For instance, if your sub has been neglectful of their duties, a period of extended chastity might serve as a fitting reminder. However, for minor infractions, a shorter stint in the cage could do the trick.
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3. Don’t be Too Soft With Submissive Punishments

Being mindful of your sub's limits and needs is essential, but avoid being overly lenient to maintain the power dominance. Consistency is crucial. If you establish certain rules and consequences, stick to them. Your sub will appreciate the structure and clarity.

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Super Small Chastity Cage with Silicone Urinary Catheter


4. Practical BDSM Punishment Ideas

Now, let's talk practical punishment ideas using chastity cages:

  1. Extended Chastity: This is a classic. Locking up your sub for an extended period can be a powerful reminder of their submission and your control.

  2. Tease and Denial: Play with their desires. Give them a taste of pleasure but deny them the ultimate release.

  3. Task Assignments: Combine chastity with tasks or chores. Make them earn their freedom through service and obedience.

  4. Verbal Discipline: Sometimes, a well-delivered scolding or verbal humiliation can be just as effective as physical punishment.

  5. Scheduled Release: Set a release date but keep your sub guessing. Anticipation can be torture in itself.

Make sure to discuss any new punishment ideas with your sub beforehand to ensure that everyone is on the same page. With these creative suggestions in mind, your D/s relationship is sure to thrive and bring you both greater fulfillment.

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