Free Chastity Contract Template to Copy and Print

chastity contract for BDSM play

Chastity Contract

This chastity contract is an agreement strictly between [Keyholder's Name] and [User's Name]. This arrangement will commence immediately upon signing by both parties and will be implemented for a period of [Number] days. This contract will be enforced from [Start Date] until [End Date]. Failure to follow these rules will result in punishment or termination of the contract, as decided by the Keyholder.


  • Keyholder: The person who will hold the keys to the user’s chastity device and who will exercise control over the user's sexual functions and release. The Keyholder may also engage in other agreed-upon forms of domination during the contract period.
  • User: The person who will wear the chastity device, relinquishing control of their sexual activities to the Keyholder. The User will also engage in other acts of submission and/or servitude as specified in this contract.
  • Chastity device: A device used to restrict access to the wearer's genitals to prevent sexual arousal, satisfaction, or release.

User Agreements

  1. The user agrees to wear the chastity device for the duration of the contract, unless permitted to remove it by the Keyholder for maintenance or other agreed-upon reasons.
  2. The user acknowledges that they will be permitted a maximum of [Number] ejaculations/orgasms per [Time Period].
  3. User will not touch or stimulate their genitals without permission from the Keyholder, granted entirely at the Keyholder's discretion.
  4. Any requests made by the user without permission will be denied.
  5. User agrees to maintain a written chastity diary during the contract period, detailing levels of arousal, frustrations, rewarded orgasms, denied orgasms, cleaning regimen, and any activities during release periods.
  6. The user consents to performing tasks assigned by the Keyholder, which may include but are not limited to: errands, cleaning, serving the Keyholder, exposure to arousing material without relief, worshiping the Keyholder, or personal development tasks.
  7. The user agrees not to view pornographic or sexually stimulating media unless instructed by the Keyholder.
  8. The user consents to servicing the Keyholder sexually in any manner desired by the Keyholder, which may include using toys or other body parts, without orgasm.
  9. The user will refrain from questioning the duration of the contract or requesting early release, and will not complain or challenge the terms of the agreement.

Hygiene, Maintenance & Safety

  • The user is responsible for purchasing and maintaining an approved chastity device of appropriate size and design. Both parties will hold a spare key for emergencies, kept in a secure location agreed upon by the Keyholder.
  • The user will maintain the device, keeping it clean and immediately reporting any concerns to the Keyholder. The user may request removal of the device for health or hygiene reasons, but not for sexual satisfaction.
  • The user is permitted to remove the device for medical appointments or emergencies, promptly notifying the Keyholder and re-securing the device afterward.
  • Regular inspections of the device and the user's hygiene will be conducted by the Keyholder or under their supervision.

Keyholder Agreements

  • The Keyholder agrees to handle the user with respect and prioritize their well-being throughout the contract.
  • The Keyholder accepts control over the user's sexual activities for the duration of the agreement.
  • The Keyholder agrees to keep the user's key secure and accessible at all times, except in circumstances agreed upon by both parties.
  • The Keyholder will determine the frequency and duration of permitted releases for the user.
  • The Keyholder will supervise all cleaning procedures and may request inspections of the user as necessary.

Dispute Resolution

  • Both parties may agree to modifications to this agreement, which will be documented in an appendix.
  • The Keyholder has the final say in resolving any disputes related to the contract.
  • The user may terminate the contract at any time if they feel unsafe or wish to discontinue.
  • The Keyholder will provide [Number] days' notice if they wish to cancel the contract.

Penalties / Punishments

The Keyholder will decide on appropriate punishments for any breaches of the contract by the user. Punishments may include physical discipline, verbal reprimands, or chastity extension. The Keyholder may withhold privileges or impose additional tasks as part of disciplinary measures.

Hard Limits

  • User and Keyholder acknowledge that all play and punishment will be risk-informed and consensual. Restrictions are detailed below, but the safeword: __________________ [insert safeword] can be utilized by either party at any point to promptly halt the current activity.
  • Both parties agree on limitations to play and interactions, as outlined in the appendix.


Amendments agreed upon by both parties will be documented here.


Both the Keyholder and user confirm their consent to this contract by signing below:

I, [User's Name], agree to the terms of this chastity contract.

Signed: ______________________ Date: ____________________

I, [Keyholder's Name], agree to the terms of this chastity contract.

Signed: ______________________ Date: ____________________

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